Life is uncertain. Eat Dessert first.

Home-made Brioche; Grilled Brioche Chocolate Sandwiches

A dish I am planning for the end of the week has brioche as one it’s main ingredients, so I experimented with a brioche recipe over the weekend to make sure I can get it right when I need to make it again.

Darina Allen’s Ballymaloe Cookery Course cookbook is my go-to book whenever I need a straight-forward recipe. Using her ingredients and instructions as a template, I dissolved 7g dried yeast with 25g caster sugar in 30ml of tepid water. I added 2 beaten eggs and poured everything into the mixing bowl of an electric mixer. I sieved in 225g of strong white flour and a pinch of salt, and mixed it to a stiff dough with the dough hook on the mixer. When it was smooth I added 112g of soft unsalted butter, in small pieces bit by bit, until it was consistently mixed. It was quick sticky at this stage, and I placed it in an oiled bowl overnight in the fridge.

Traditionally brioche is baked in fluted tins, but I was making mine in a standard loaf tin. I preheated the oven to 180degC and lightly kneaded the dough. I formed it into a rough rectangle and put it into the well-buttered loaf tin, brushing it with a beaten egg. It needs to be left somewhere warm to prove until double in size. Once it has done this gently brush the loaf again with the egg wash and cook in the oven for about half an hour, until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean.

While the brioche is at it’s tastiest served freshly warm with butter and jam, the following day I cut the leftovers into slices, and grated a 100g bar of chocolate between three of the slices. I put another slice on top of the chocolate to form a sandwich, and grilled them on a hot griddle pan on both sides until the chocolate had melted. You need to be careful turning the sandwich halfway as the unmelted chocolate will fall out the side!


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