Life is uncertain. Eat Dessert first.

Beyond The Bottle – Perfect Potato Rosti

Considered by many Swiss people as their national dish, the basic rosti consists of nothing but potato, and is mostly served as an accompaniment to other dishes.

Potatoes are such a versatile vegetable that you have a huge variety of options for how to use surplus spuds when cooking them for babies. The Guardian ran a great article during the week about how to cook the perfect potato rosti. Parboiling, then chilling and THEN grating the potatoes makes a big difference as the finished rosti loses the raw potato taste, but be careful not to over boil them or you could end up with more of a mashed potato cake then a traditional rosti – when cooked you still want to be able to recognize the grated strands of potato. Cooking with goose fat is a great indulgence (and I recommend using it to cook your roast potatoes too!), but if you don’t have a jar of goose fat, then use a spoon of olive oil with the butter instead – the oil will stop the butter burning.


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