Life is uncertain. Eat Dessert first.

Victoria Haschka

Black Swan Blackberry & Chocolate-smothered Panna Cotta

For the next week, Victoria Haschka is creating original recipes for the Huffington Post inspired by each of the films nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. For Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, a dark psychological thriller set during the rehearsal and performance of Swan Lake, she came up with a tongue-in-cheek homage that combines the purity of Nina with the darkness of Lily.

Her recipe for Blackberry & Chocolate smothered Panna Cotta uses plastic cups as the moulds for the Panna Cotta. they actually worked out pretty well, but I’d recommend using a sharp scissors to make the cups smaller, so when you turn them upside down they have less distance to fall to the plate – mine ended up going a bit splodgy on impact. I couldn’t get shredded coconut the way she shows it, so I bought a coconut, drained it, broke it open, used a really sharp knife to cut out slices of coconut, and then dried them for a few minutes in a very low oven. I also went a bit overboard when I poured the sauce!